New “Life in Galway” – Winter 2012 – Issue 11

DSCN2119Early online preview of the upcoming Life in Galway! 

(photo: East Street, Galway,  January  8, 2011)

Click here 11 – Life in Galway – Winter 2012, Issue Eleven 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy telling the stories of Galway and the people who live here.

Five hundred copies have been printed and will be out for distribution on Friday morning (Dec 21st). If you would like a hard copy you may pick one up from Galway Market, Village Home and Garden, Chucks, Ballston Spa National Bank (Galway Branch), Post Office, or Smith’s Orchard Bake Shop. If you want one be sure to pick one up early, they go very fast!

If you have any suggestions for upcoming issues, please let me know. I have a store of ideas floating in my head, but I’m always open for more. – Wayne


About lifeingalway

Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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