Hi! I am Wayne Brandow. My wife, Martha, and I have lived in Galway for 33 years.  We came in 1977 when I accepted the call to the Bible Baptist Church of Galway at the age of 25!  Our two oldest daughters are  currently 31 and 29. Having been so young, I am amazed that the church called me.

We love Galway. Its quaint setting, good neighbors, and friendly residents made it a great place to raise a family. We have three daughters. Two are now married and live in South Carolina and the youngest, still at home, just graduated with an Associate Degree and is working in the field that she loves.

Church, family, the pursuit of a graduate degree in the 90s, plus working in the Post Office to supplement my church salary have all kept us very busy. Now that child rearing is past we’d like to get to know you better.  As a pastor, I’d like to be of help not only to the church, but to you as well. It is for this reason that I decided to write Life in Galway.

In Life in Galway, I would like to celebrate the good people of Galway and the special quality of life in our small town as well as reach out to you as a friend and a pastor. Maybe it should have been called, People and Stories of Galway. I will let you decide. If you have a Galway item of interest (story of a person or event), please contact me at 882-6387.


Would you like to comment? The posts in this blog are from the articles in the publication,  Life in Galway. I am looking for stories and photos of Galway’s people and events. Do you know an interesting fact of a Galway individual? For example: A Galway resident who witnessed first-hand the flash from an atomic bomb blast? A person who was an instructor at the Naval Academy? A person who nearly lost a leg and his life from an airplane propeller? There are Galway residents who have actually had these experiences. Maybe I can get them to share them with you.  If you have a story, let me know.

Please know that it is okay to challenge or question an article in the blog. However, no comments will be posted that use profanity, or denigrate another person. This site seeks to be wholesome, uplifting, and positive. The goal is to see the best in others and reminisce about the good.

Please note: Being a pastor, this site will touch upon Christian themes. If we differ, I am sure that you will show a measure of tolerance for me as your Christian neighbor, as I bear no ill will to those who see things differently.

Having said all of this, let us get on with the business of celebrating our shared sense of community and get to know and appreciate each other in our Life in Galway.

Sincerely yours,

Wayne R. Brandow, editor, and your neighbor

Lord willing, Life in Galway will be a quarterly publication.


2 Responses to About LIFE IN GALWAY

  1. Regina Doi says:

    HI Rev. Brandow!

    I added a link to your “Life in Galway” web to our library’s website. Would you mind placing a reciprocal link on yours?

    Thank you!

    Regina Doi, Director Galway Public Library

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