Winter 2015 Issue Came out on Christmas Eve


Photo of Wayne and Martha Brandow in their early years in Galway.

In the new issue of Life in Galway, its author, Wayne Brandow tells what it was like to come to Galway 38 years ago as a young minister only 25 years old, having married a little over a year earlier to his wife, Martha. The article is a tribute to three men who helped both him and Martha during those early years.

There is also a story about a six year old boy who was taken out of his home and separated from his brother and sister when his mother died. I think you will like it. It has a good ending.

Lastly, are you missing the snow this year. A couple of photos of last year’s snow (in case you forgot what snow looks like).  🙂

To go to the new issue click on PDF files in the address bar above or click this link.