New Life in Galway, Fall 2018 is online! Print copy is coming!


This is a special edition about two Indian raids in the boundary of the present day Galway School District during the American Revolution: The story of the Gonzalez tragedy in 1782 and the alleged attack of the Scottish settlement here in 1780.

A little sleuthing had to be done to work through a few of the differing details of the accounts of the Gonzales raid, and to ponder why only one account survives of the 1780 raid. Hopefully, by reading these articles you will get a better feel of life in Galway on the New York frontier in the 1780s. The Gonzales story is a fascinating account of death, captivity, and courage.

Though this edition looks at life in Galway from a settler’s perspective, from a Native American’s eyes, the Mohawks and other American Indians of the Five Nations (Six, when the Tuscarora’s were added), a different picture emerges. Over time, they were swindled out of their choice hunting ground. Saratoga County was a paradise of streams and lakes, abundant game and fish, and  mineral waters (healing waters to them) of Saratoga and Ballston Spa.

As you read these accounts, please know this, the American Indian has a special place in my heart. Before coming to Galway as the pastor of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway, I was originally ordained and sent to work with the Seneca and Tuscarora Indians upon graduation from college.

Martha & Hootie

Photo: Martha and Hootie (a Seneca Indian): Martha along with other college classmates helped with a youth ministry in the Summer of 1975 on the reservation. We were going fishing and Martha didn’t want her photo taken in my hip-waders. So, Hootie helped me capture the moment. 🙂

As you read this issue and step back in time, may you identify with others, settler and Indian alike, some of whom lost everything in those turbulent times that brought about the founding of our nation.

Wayne R. Brandow

To go to the issue, please click here 27 – Life in Galway, Fall 2018, Issue Twenty-Seven







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