New “Life in Galway” Is Now Online

Sept 21, 2012

You can now view the latest issue of Life in Galway. Click on “PDF Files of Each Issue” in the menu bar above. Once the page opens scroll down to the last entry. Click it and the Fall 2012 Issue of Life in Galway will appear. As you can see, all the past issues are now online.

While you are at it check out our church link as well



About lifeingalway

Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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2 Responses to New “Life in Galway” Is Now Online

  1. linda Phillips says:

    Hi Pastor Wayne,
    Thank you for spending time with me last evening and helping me understand life in Galway in the 1770s. It is very apparent that you love the little town of Galway.
    When I read the information at your site that includes the information about the people and life in Galway, I was again aware of just how deep your roots have grown in this little community. The Lord knew just where he needed you to live so you could share His Love with those around you.
    You are a blessing to others. May God continue to fill your life with love.


    • lifeingalway says:

      Thank you Linda for your kind comments. I enjoyed our conversation as well.

      Perhaps someone reading this might be able to help Linda with the information that she was seeking in her phone conversation last evening. She is looking to establish that her relation, Daniel Dean, who lived in Galway and whose wife was named Elizabeth, served in the Revolutionary War. If you can help her out, there is contact information in her post.

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