Galway’s Hurricane Lizzie, Unleashing Energy for Good!

There is a dynamo for good in our small community of Galway in the person of Elizabeth Feulner. When Lizzie sets her mind to something, it usually comes to pass.

Liz came to Galway in 1969. It was the first place that she and Al settled after his time in the Navy. The Lord gave them four children. Because of her children, it wasn’t long before she became involved in the community life of Galway. She has been the champion for Galway’s youth, senior citizens, and those who are struggling in any way. Now with the passing of time, Liz is a grandmother. As you join with me in looking over some of her accomplishments, which have benefited those of us who live here in Galway, it will become obvious that hers is a life well spent! Let me tell you a little about this remarkable person.

It all started when a school budget didn’t pass and Liz went through the community to drum up support. What she saw broke her heart. Edith McElhiney, Gazette reporter, in 1979 wrote that it gave Liz “the determination to change what were the intolerable circumstances of loneliness, need, and neglect she discovered.” In 1978 she brought the Red Cross to Galway, becoming the Galway chairman of the Saratoga County Red Cross. A natural organizer, Liz was involved in starting Meals on Wheels, Senior Citizens, the Greater Galway Community Services Association (GGCSA) – gathering together churches, businesses and social services to meet community needs – the Food Pantry, the Clothes Closet, and the Christmas Basket. She has been a chairperson for the Galway Lioness Club and was awarded the highest honor among the Lions Club International. She was named a Melvin Jones Fellow. The honors could go on. Do you want a picture into her heart? When a young man with Down’s syndrome had been turned down for a date to a dance, Liz, then 47, offered to go with him. She was his bus driver. He was thrilled to have his bus driver as a date. Liz, Galway loves you. You have a heart of gold!


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Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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