About Life in Galway

Dear friends, My cup overflows with stories to tell: stories of people and events, stories of those who work together to make Galway a better place in which to live, people caring about people! What a great place to live! Now that is something good to write about. Don’t you agree?

I have received many leads for stories and have contacted some to express an interest in telling your story. Please be patient with me as I can only tell a few at a time. Be assured that I haven’t forgotten about you.

In this issue there is an article about how the Lions Club became part of Galway life. If you have wondered just who the Lions are and how to become a part of this outstanding organization, read ahead. There is also a touching story about the incident that moved hearts, putting into motion the formation of Galway’s community-wide Christmas Basket.

“The Best Gift” is about a remarkable woman, Martha Rosecrans Shoutis Apicella. (This is her maiden name and names from her first and second marriages). She was happily married, widowed, and then happily married again. I had the privilege of being her pastor. Truly, the best gifts in life are not things, but people. Her story will highlight the supreme gift of all.

“It Is a Small World After All” is a tribute to a very important person in my life who has done a lot to make Life in Galway possible.

Lastly, consider the article, “From the Pastor’s Study,” as my attempt at a pastoral visit with you. Like the old-time country doctors who would make house calls (I remember one who gave me a shot in the rear when I was a kid), I just want to talk with you about your spiritual well-being.

Thanks to all who contributed a donation at the box in Galway Market and to James & Jill Bailie, Gerry Minkler & Geralyn De La Fleur, and my father, Roy Brandow, for their generous gifts. Thanks as well to M & M Corp for a reasonable price in printing this issue of Life in Galway.

Wayne R. Brandow

Winter 2010, Issue Three: Page 2


About lifeingalway

Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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1 Response to About Life in Galway

  1. Michael Churchill says:

    It’s very exciting to see how successful this little booklet has been. Let us now be patient as it gets around our community. Thank you for all your hard work, Wayne.

    Michael Churchill

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