Your Galway Photos Wanted

Horse-drawn wagon at Bob's Trees, Dec 4, 2010

Would you like your picture printed?  We are STILL looking for seasonal photos both old and new of people (couple, family, individual), events and places tied in with Galway. Phone 882-6387, or e-mail: In the e-mail header let me know that it has to do with Life in Galway.

Are You A Snow Bird?

Next Issue will be out March 21st . I will send a PDF file via e-mail to all who ask.

Special thanks to proof-readers: Martha Brandow, Evelyn Hanna and Arlene Rhodes.

We are also grateful to M & M  Corp. for printing our hard copies.  For a resonable price call them first! Design and Print by M &M Corp, 50 Elmswood Avenue, Gloversville, NY  (518) 725-8080  Website:

Winter 2010, Issue Three, Page 12


About lifeingalway

Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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1 Response to Your Galway Photos Wanted

  1. Guy Curran says:


    Thanks for the newsletter and all your hard work faithfully ministering for the Lord. I thank God that you were my mentor/pastor as a young christian and I treasure growing up in the Galway Church. I am glad to see the article on Nettleton. I discovered him several years ago and have his sermons bookmarked on my computer. I pray that God would awaken the hearts of the people of Galway to another Great Awakening of True Repentance and Salvation. Since you are on line you don’t need to send me a hard copy I will follow you on line and save the postage. Thanks again for ministering to our family after Diana’s death. I love you brother keep up the great work.


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