About Life in Galway

Hi friends!  The first issue of Life in Galway just flew off the press.  After printing 50 copies, on August 30th I dropped off 21 copies at the Galway Market and 15 more at the bank. From that time on, it was a race to keep a supply available. Printing was done off my computer’s printer and just after two weeks 500 had been distributed.  Even though there was still a demand, I had to stop printing. It was getting too costly. Three hundred were picked up at Galway Market alone!  I was truly surprised by the interest sparked, and I want to thank each and every one who came up to me and expressed your appreciation of this new project.

I also would like to thank a fellow postal worker, Karen Nelson, and a long-time friend in my congregation, Joan Olsen, as well as my father, Roy Brandow, all of whom unexpectedly and generously gave a donation to me to help cover some of the cost of printing.

On occasion people still ask why I am writing this booklet. It is just that, in reading the Bible, I was struck by how much the ordinary people loved Jesus, whereas, the “clergy” of Jesus’ day gave Him the greatest opposition.  Strange, but true! Ordinary people loved Jesus because they sensed that He cared for them. It is hard for people to know a pastor cares if he always has his nose in a book.  I knew that I needed to get into the community more if I was going to be able to be of help to those outside of the church. Therefore, I wrote Life in Galway to serve as a bridge. In it, I am writing about those things that we share in common: a love of Galway, its people, and the quality of life found here.   Life in Galway has already served a purpose in my life. It has started so many good conversations.   Do you have any suggestions for future issues? Let’s keep the conversation going.   – Wayne R Brandow

Life in Galway, Fall 2010, Issue Two, page 2


About lifeingalway

Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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