Galway Trivia

Match the Galway Person with the Event

Who saw an atomic bomb flash?  Who did something unbelievable? Who taught at the Naval Academy?

Who Saw an Atomic Bomb Flash?    George Hargrave

It was 1956.   Seaman George Hargrave, Galway’s present town supervisor, was serving on the Kishwaukee, a small navy tanker. They were heading to Bikini Atoll to observe postwar testing of the atomic bomb, when word came to quickly leave the area.  The bomb had been dropped by parachute, but the wind was moving it off course. They were running with lights off. It was before dawn and the portholes were covered except for an observation slit. When the bomb went off, George heard no sound, but the entire room below decks was lit up. The whole crew had to wash down later as they were radioactive!  Sometimes at night when he is sleeping, he glows. (Just kidding!) Now you know why we have such a bright supervisor!

Who taught at the Naval Academy?   Mary Brisson

From December 1981 to December 1984, Mary, a Naval officer, taught American, Medieval, and Modern History to midshipmen at Annapolis.  She was single at the time.      When I asked her about the eligible young men to select from, she said that I sounded like her mother and reminded me that by the time she was done with her graduate work she was older than the midshipmen, who for the most part came from high school.  Mary did end up marrying an officer. In Hawaii, she met Bruce Brisson, who retired at the rank of Commander.  Mary was the volunteer of the year last May at Galway Central School’s Volunteer Recognition Breakfast and Awards Ceremony.

Who did something unbelievable?   Joan Olsen

I know that you are going to find this hard to believe, but Joan Olsen, who will be turning 80 this November and her sister, Shirley Floeser, who will be 86 in the same month, went parasailing at Lake George this summer!  Joan did this even though she is afraid of heights and water (as she cannot swim).  She wanted to fly like the birds! This was a life-long desire. Congratulations to Joan and Shirley for rising to new heights. (Joan is on the right)

Galway Life, Fall 2010, Issue Two – Pages 1 ,6, 7


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