Time for the Curtain to Come Down!

Pastor's Study

It’s time.  Lord willing, the  last 25 copies of the first edition of Life in Galway will be printed today. Making a final total of 500 copies.  Three hundred went out of Galway Market alone! I will be keeping this last run to distribute  for myself.  There are just a handful left in the bank, in Galway Market, and in Chucks. Once they are gone edition one will become a collector’s item.

Yesterday, was a memorable day with respect to Life in Galway for me. After voting at the primaries in the Galway High School gym, as Martha and I were leaving, a woman I had never met came up to me and said, “Rev. Brandow, I just want you to know how much I liked your booklet.”  A few hours later while picking up parcels at Rotterdam Square Mall as a letter carrier in the Post Office, I saw an old time friend, Stuart Wilday. I called out a greeting to him and he came over to me and the first words out of his mouth were, “I’m waiting for the Fall edition.”  I have been surprised at the  affirming response  the people of Galway have expressed to this fledgling attempt at writing.

After work I made my way for the first time to a writer’s group that meets in Galway Library. I had been encouraged to attend by Arlene Rhodes and they graciously received me even though I arrived late. They start at seven, which is the very time I punch out at the time clock in Schenectady. I came not knowing what to expect. The writers present were sharing and critiquing poetry that they had written.  While there, they gave me an opportunity to read a couple of articles out of Life in Galway. While reading the story on Everett  Hartman, A Good Neighbor, I was dumbfounded to find two typos.  As no one else had a copy, they could not see them. As I read through No Place Like Home, I came across a paragraph in which there was a lot of redundancy in the choice of words. Such is okay is speaking, but not as acceptable in writing. Again they did not catch it as I was reading and they were just hearing.  I thought to myself – 475 copies are out there with these mistakes!   If dear reader, you happen to come upon my grammatical blunders, they are the proof that you got a real copy of the first edition.  Like coins that have been flawed in the minting process only makes them of greater value than the normal ordinary run of the mill kind of coin, so too are the copies in your hands.  One real plus of the writer’s group is they offered to proof the booklet at the next meeting. As this is on October 12th, I have a firm date to shoot for. Last night into the wee hours I was at the keyboard typing away!

If you have any ideas how I might finance the publication of future editions please let me know. At present this is an out of pocket expense and my funds are limited. I would hate to see it come to an untimely death, and I do not want to charge for the upcoming issues.  So any suggestions would be helpful. It has been birthed, hopefully the Lord will sustain it by bringing together those of astute and creative minds and generous hearts.

On the planning board for the next issue:

  • Galway Trivia -match the person with the event, plus the story to match. You are going to like this piece of writing as it will give you a glimpse into the interesting life experiences of some of your neighbors.
  • An Unforgettable Act of Kindness – the title speaks for itself. The story of a Galway individual’s act that deeply moved me.
  • From the Pastor’s Study – two people ask Jesus the same question. His answer is not what one would expect, but it exposes a crucial area for us to deal with if we are ever to find real peace with God and lasting joy within our hearts

And more . . . as space permits.

Thank you for your interest in this project. I am open to any constructive criticism or advice that you might give. Remember, I am new at this.

Sincerely yours,

Wayne Brandow


About lifeingalway

Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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2 Responses to Time for the Curtain to Come Down!

  1. Michael Churchill says:

    What a great perspective – the flawed copies of the first edition will be more valuable collector’s editions!!! By the way, hang on to one of those last 25 copies for me – I’ve given away all of my copies.

    This is a tremendous work that you are undertaking, and I am confident that you will see the Lord’s hand in all of this. This has been such a great idea. I’m looking forward to seeing the second edition.

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