They Are Going Like Hot-cakes

It has been a little over two weeks time and 475 copies of Life in Galway have been printed and distributed (that is after I print off 25 from my computer, which are printing as I write).  Of the 475, I have retained only one as a file copy. They have been made available through Galway Market and the bank. Today, I just started placing them in Chuck’s. If you have a story that ought to be told, please post a comment and I will get it. I’m debating what the cut off should be as to the number of copies for the first edition.  The cost of making them will in all likelihood be the determining factor of how many will be printed.  So if you want a copy, you’d better get one soon. I intend on publishing all the articles on this blog, so if you miss a hard copy, you will a least have access to the material.  I’d like to get the second edition out in October. I have been following leads for stories and obviously not all are going to make it in the next 12 page edition, but they hopefully will appear in the future.  Bye for now. To each and every person who has come up to me to tell me how much they like Life in Galway I’d just like to say, “Thanks!’

Wayne Brandow


About lifeingalway

Ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Galway in Galway, New York
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